AK 47


  This two day course is designed for the proficient AK47 shooter who wants to keep their advanced skills current and be pushed with new shooting scenarios using current techniques at the advanced level.  This course requires a pre course equal to or higher than the standards set in our Intermediate AK47 Fighter course.  Drills are faster, more in depth and require quick thinking all while maintaining the upmost safety.  This is the perfect course for the skilled law enforcement/SWAT officer, skilled military member, security contractor or the average working man/woman who wishes to maintain and learn some new advanced AK47 techniques. .  STA can reserve the student an AK47, magazine, sling and chest rig upon sign up.

Course focuses on:slide
-Economy of motion
-Reload drills
-Improvised shooting positions
-Improvised shooting techniques
-Strong side/support side shooting
-Incapacitated appendage drills
-Strong side/support side barrier drills

*No steel core, armor piercing or tracers allowed.  No Reloaded ammunition is allowed in any STA Training Group firearms
*A gear list will be sent out upon registration
*Round count 800 non armor piercing
Advanced AK47 Course – $330.00 EXCLUDING ammunition
*Course is limited to 20 students
*Course minimum is 4 students

Looking to further their knowledge and skills with the most current carbine techniques.  We focus on your marksmanship, speed, economy of motion and begin to master your manipulation of the weapon system.  The courses of fire are within 50 yards with most of the drills being conducted at the major threat distance of 25 yards and closer.  .  Like all of our carbine courses, cost of ammunition has made the .22 caliber AR15 the most popular weapon system with the students.  Almost 100% of all carbine classes in the last year have been with the Smith & Wesson M&P 15 .22. It allows the shooter to learn even advanced techniques and keep the same manipulation as the 5.56 AR15 without the outrageous cost of current .223 ammunition .STA Training Group has 10 Smith & Wesson M&P 15 .22 carbines with magazines, slings and optics for use at no extra charge.  Prior carbine courses are required.

Focus points:
-Proper zero
-Fundamentals of marksmanship
-Multiple targets
-Positional shooting
-Shooting from a barricade
-Speed /Emergency reloads
-Tactical reloads
-Combat reloads
-Manipulation during reloads, malfunctions and cover

*No steel core, armor piercing or tracers allowed.  .300 Blackout is NOT allowed in any STA courses.  It can fully chamber in a .223 carbine and cause catastrophic results to your rifle and may cause serious injury or death to the shooter or shooters.

*A gear list will be sent out upon registration

Intermediate Carbine Course – $325.00 EXCLUDING ammunition
Intermediate Carbine Course- $365.00 INCLUDING ammunition
*Course is limited to 20 students
*Course minimum is 4 students

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