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AOW Technician HEAVY Course (Any Other Weapon than an AR10)

This course is designed to familiarize students with some of the most common and uncommon weapons of the world chambered in 7.62x39 and larger that are not of the AR10 family.  It is also the prerequisite for the AOW Fighter, HEAVY held one week apart.  This will give an opportunity to firearm enthusiasts who always wanted to get hands on with a variety of weapons that most people do not get to train with.  This course will show the pros and cons of these systems and also how to differentiate from other weapons by key characteristics.  The course involves field stripping each weapon but is not an armorer course.  This is a classroom environment with NO live ammunition allowed.

Class is limited to 8 students with a minimum of 4 to host.
Classes for AOW Tech and Fighter can be booked consecutively if the group meets the minimum student requirement.
Course cost is $100.00 per student
This course is held at the STA Training Group office.  STA Training Group will provide all weapons, magazines and dummy rounds. 

This class focuses on the following outline:heavy
-Weapons identification and characteristics
-Internal components and operating systems
-How to hasty zero each weapon (non live fire)
-Function and cycle of operations
-Function test
-Magazine identification

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