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  This 2 day course is designed to teach the basic fundamentals of carbine marksmanship and manipulation. This is ideal for the experienced shooter who wants to go back and focus on the basics and apply some new techniques or for the shooter wishing to start and establish a solid foundation.  This class is conducted within 25 yards allowing a realistic training environment for the beginning shooter.  The class has a strong focus on the technique and manipulation of the weapon during firing, malfunctions, reloading, unloading, clearing and carry.  Like all of our carbine courses, cost of ammunition has made the .22 caliber AR15 the most popular weapon system with the students.  Almost 100% of all carbine classes in the last year have been with the Smith & Wesson M&P 15 .22. It allows the shooter to learn all the basics and keep the same techniques of the 5.56 AR15 without the outrageous cost of current .223 ammunition. STA Training Group has 10 of these carbines with magazines, and optics for use at no extra charge. Dedicated .22 cal rated reactive steel targets are used in the course with .22s.
No prior carbine courses are required.

Course outline:
-Carbine familiarization
-Carbine capabilities
-Equipment options

All load bearing vests, magazine pouches, magazines, slings, optics and rifles can be provided at no extra charge and must be requested prior to the course

*400 rounds of ammunition required.  NO Reloads allowed for use in STA Training Group firearms

*No steel core, armor piercing or tracers allowed.  .300 Blackout is NOT allowed in any STA courses.  It can fully chamber in a .223 carbine and cause catastrophic results to your rifle and may cause serious injury or death to the shooter or shooters.

* A gear list will be sent out upon registration

Beginner Carbine Course – $330.00 EXCLUDING ammunition
*Course is limited to 20 students
*Course minimum is 4 students

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