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This course is offered as 1 and 2 days and designed to familiarize the student with their individual go bag (with RIFLE inside) and concealed carry pistol that is used for every day purposes in realistic scenarios where the students are not prepped prior to running the specific iteration.  We do this by introducing several courses of live fire that integrates certain items that should be carried in the go bag.  The Go bag is a bag of any size that contains the items covering our recommended topics for YOUR recommended needs. Each recommended category is broken down to specific examples in the GO BAG CONSTRUCTION class the night prior.

  1. Security: This could be a firearm, knife, pepper spray etc.  (for this course you must have a firearm)
  2. First aid: small boo boo and trauma kit
  3. Hydration: Means of making, storing or purifying potable water
  4. Shelter: Poncho, schema, E-blanket etc
  5. Food: Carb and protein boost
  6. Signal: Flare, fire, mirror, whistle etc
  7. Fire starting: magnesium block, matches, lighter etc.
  8. Lighting: flashlights, chemlights etc.

The class will put stress on the student while deploying with their go bag on each scenario which could be in day light, low light or no light.  Each scenario will require the student to overcome a specific task with the required item in their bag before and or after engaging threats with their pistol and or rifle.

PREREQUISITS: The student must attend the GO BAG CONSTRUCTION class prior to attending the FIGHTER.  This course requires you to run, squat in and out of tight spaces and get in and out of positions low to the ground.
Dress code: Practical every day clothing.  Pants are recommended, open toed shoes are not allowed.  You can not show up looking like the poster boy for 5.11.  Please wear clothing that is close to your every day apparel.  If you dress in 5.11 head to toe on a daily basis then please come dressed as a normal person.

If you have never attended an STA pistol class you must come to the concealed carry evaluation 1.5 hours prior to the Go Bag Fighter course. Like every course, we mandate safety so we must make sure ALL students are familiar and capable with drawing, firing and holstering whatever firearm they are using (no exceptions).

Go bag CONSTRUCTION course: $40.00 (repeat guests, $20.00)
1 day course: $175.00 
2 day course: $330.00

-1 day, May vary on seasons. Will start at 1300 (1pm) and go til 2200 (10pm).
-2 day, May vary on seasons.  Will start at 1300 (1pm) on day 1 and go until 2200 (10pm).  Day 2 will start at 1000 (10 am) and go til 1600 (4pm). 

Location: This course is offered in several areas in the Phoenix valley.  Specific locations will be given when the course is put on the schedule.

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