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This 5 day course is full of long training days designed to enhance your shooting abilities from 25 yards-max effective range of your weapon system from prone and improvised positions realistic to long range shooting.  The course is held at the Felix Canyon Ranch in Flying H New Mexico located about an hour outside of Roswell.  This 150,000 acres facility allows complete privacy, freedom of movement to train in realistic conditions as well as numerous courses of fire that you will not get anywhere else.  This is an intermediate level course that requires some sort of prior formal class attendance.  In this course you will not be taught ANY basic traits applicable to long range shooting.  You are expected to know the fundamentals of all basic course topics like marksmanship, range estimation, observation, data books, field sketches, shooting positions and optic characteristics.

This course goes deeper into optic theory with cut away optics showing the erector system function while turrets are turned and practical yet hasty mounting of an optic in less than ideal conditions.  Effective zeroing in a timely manner, 100 yard steel drills from positions other than prone, data collection to max effective range, night vision shoot, hasty positions/improvised shooting positions, team movement, team live fire scenarios, observation exercises,  ballistics, no dialing drills, equipment diagnostics, barricades and other intermediate-advanced techniques and drills are what we focus on. 
The course includes 3 meals per day and lodging in comfortable accommodations all on the ranch.  Guests will be able to safely secure all of their belongings in their room without fear of property being stolen.  The ranch offers several venues on the property specific to STA live fire scenarios like the Afghan village engagement, maritime team shoot, hangar bay I.D. and engage course to name a few.  These courses of fire are done while instructors are assisting with techniques and instruction specific to helping you become a better shooter and spotter. The thought process on this is to instruct you while you are in a scenario and give you the corrections to make it more effective rather than debrief you after with all the things you could have done better.  The final day is all graded scenarios without instruction.

Zero confirmation is done daily to ensure all shooters are good to go and instill confidence in their equipment.  Barricades and improvised positions is what this course really focuses on with the mindset that the prone position is a luxury.  Being able to effectively engage from positions that take most out of their comfort zone is what makes you an effective long gunner whether it is for hunting, competition or defending freedom.  You will not find a course that will give you this kind of training in such a realistic environment.  Our guests are all walks of life from military/law enforcement special operations to hunters and good old shooting enthusiasts.

Course limit:  14 students
Course minimum: 8 students

Course cost: $2000.00 (all food and lodging provided). Lodging includes towels, linens, pillows and wash cloths.
Food: If you have allergies please specify in your enrollment and get confirmation that we are aware of you specific allergies.

-Medical: The medical form must be filled out and submitted with your enrollment form.

-Recommended equipment list: will be sent upon registration and we highly encourage you to bring what is on the list.  Directions to the ranch will be sent with confirmation of your enrollment.

-AMMUNITION - Approximately 400 rounds of Match ammunition and 100 rounds of non match IS required. No armor piercing of any kind, no reloads allowed in STA Training Group rifles.

RIFLES-Bolt action or semi-auto precision rifle capable of shooting 1 MOA or better
Scopes- 30-35mm main tube, external turret adjustments, mil dot or milling type, MOA reticle (no ranging reticles where a certain size target fits in a box or square etc… 

Magazines- At least 4 serviceable magazines are recommended (internal box magazines are fine)

EQUIPMENT – S.T.A Training Group offers state of the art tactical load bearing equipment, precision rifles, optics, binoculars and spotting scopes at NO CHARGE to the customer. Please coordinate in advance for a list of equipment required on the course.

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