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This course is designed for the shooter looking to get training on night vision and thermal optic shooting at night.  With the growing interest in commercial night vision, state laws that now allow hunting at night, law enforcement deployment, security contractor deployment and night operations photography, STA wanted to offer an educational course in how to properly use these systems.  The cost of commercial thermal and night vision has come down to affordable pricing and availability and STA Training Group offers the best night operations shooting and observation package available.  This is designed around the precision rifle system (out to 600 yards) with a limited exposure to carbine engagements from 150 yards and in. STA Training Group has a very close working relationship with NIVISYS night vision and thermal optics providing all of the required equipment for the course.  This is a night time only course and limited to 8 shooters.

Course Outline:
-Day zero on weapons
-Night zero on weapons
-IR laser and flood assisted TGT identification
-Spotting trace in the dark
-Range cards
-Night operations D.O.P.E. collection
-Multiple target engagement scenarios
-Pros and cons to night vision and thermal

A recommended gear list will be sent upon registration and we highly encourage you to bring what is on the list.

AMMUNITION - Approx 250 rounds. You do not need match ammunition and .223, 6.5 Grendel, 6.5 Creedmoor, 6.8 SPC, .243 and .308 are the only calibers authorized to shoot (no armor piercing of any kind, no reloads allowed in STA Training Group rifles,  .300 Black out allowed as it can fully chamber into a .223 and blow up the rifle if mistakenly loaded)

RIFLES - Bolt action or semi-auto precision rifle capable of shooting 1.5 MOA or better with at least a 3x optic (2.5-8 power is the most common) and have the ability to mount a night vision device on the weapon system. Bolt actions must have a “Bridge” system or 1913 type rail to accept the night vision.

Magazines - At least 4 serviceable magazines are recommended (internal box magazines are fine)

EQUIPTMENT – S.T.A Training Group offers state of the art tactical load bearing equipment, precision rifles, optics, night vision, thermal, binoculars and spotting scopes at NO CHARGE to the customer. Please coordinate in advance for a list of equipment required on the course.

HOTELS – The area offers several hotels STA can pre book depending on the level of accommodations the customer prefers.

FOOD and water - Is the responsibility of the student                                                                                                 

Course cost is $325.00

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