AK 47


This 3 hour course is designed to familiarize the students with the latest optical technology and mechanics.  The optic is usually overlooked in precision courses and most shooters do not have a very in depth understanding of what is happening with light transmission, image flip and other actions when the shooter is behind the rifle.  This class will give the student a clear understanding of how to properly mount an optic and effectively use the optic in the field.  This course is supported heavily with top of the line training aids and years of experience working first hand for and with optics companies and first hand use of optics in training and operational environments.  Each student will receive a certificate of completion. 

Course cost- $100.00
Course min- 6
Course maximum 16

Class focus points;
-Characteristics of an optic
-Erector system
-Mechanical center
-Inside the optic
-Proper mounting of an optic

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