AK 47


  This class is designed to familiarize the students with the Patriot Ordnance Factory short stroke gas piston system in .223 and .308.  Students will disassemble the rifles to the smallest components and receiver groups and then learn to reassemble with the proper torque and factory specifications using factory recommended tools while supervised by POF’s Master Armorer.  Students will learn to diagnose issues through trouble shooting, learn the advantages to the piston system, POF recommended parts replacement, history of the piston system, compatibility with other systems and all the information required to replace parts without having to send the rifle for lengthy servicing.  All students receive a certificate of completion and includes an optional factory tour with Frank Desomma. 

-History of the AR15 and POF-USA piston system
-Cycle of operations
-Complete disassembly of the upper and lower receivers
-Complete assembly of the upper and lower receivers
-Service life on parts
-POF-USA trigger system
-Factory specification on torque settings, compounds and techniques
-Trouble shooting problems with rifles

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