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This course is designed to enhance your shooting abilities out to 300 yards with a precision rifle from unsupported or improvised shooting positions. Most shooting will be done from the kneeling, standing or off of a barricade.  This is designed specifically for the shooter wishing to improve marksmanship from an undesired position which they could come across in any scenario while hunting or as a LE sniper etc…  Since the prone position is the most difficult to observe bad habits we put you in the kneeling or standing and observe which marksmanship fundamentals are requiring more attention.  We teach you the techniques required to make that well placed shot from the off hand or improvised position.  This is a proven course which has helped students as hunters, military/LE snipers and professional competitive shooters   
Friday (half day, 3pm-7pm)
Shooters will spend the half day in our classroom. The course begins with an optics mounting, scope set up/optics theory class.
Saturday (0700-5pm)
Range day beginning with fundamentals, equipment , shooting positions, zero, 100 yard unsupported steel target course, barricades,  communication, malfunction drills, ball and dummy drills
Sunday (0700-3pm)
300 yard and in multiple target engagement drills, pneumatic target drills, team runs in the R.A.T. (River Assault Trail) and top shooter shoot off.

The PRF Alpha is a moderately physical course requiring some of the following physical abilities:
-Hold a precision rifle in the off hand for 15 seconds
-Walk in uneven and unstable terrain for 2000 yards with equipment and rifle (summer months can be 120 degrees)
-Observe and shoot through a magnified telescopic sight (rifle scope)
-Safely manipulate a precision rifle either bolt action or semi automatic in order to load, unload and clear malfunctions

A recommended gear list will be sent upon registration and we highly encourage you to bring what is on the list.
AMMUNITION- Approx 300 rounds.   You do not need match ammunition and .223, 6.5 Grendel, 6.5 Creedmoor, 6.8 SPC, .243 and .308 are the only calibers authorized to shoot (no armor piercing of any kind, no reloads allowed in STA Training Group rifles,  .300 Black out allowed as it can fully chamber into a .223 and blow up the rifle if mistakenly loaded)
RIFLES-Bolt action or semi-auto precision rifle capable of shooting 1.5 MOA or better with at least a 3x optic (2.5-8 power is the most common) is required for this course.
Magazines- Atleast 4 servicable magazines are recommended (internal box magazines are fine)
EQUIPTMENT – S.T.A Training Group offers state of the art tactical load bearing equipment, precision rifles, optics, binoculars and spotting scopes at NO CHARGE to the customer. Please coordinate in advance for a list of equipment required on the course.
HOTELS – The area offers several hotels STA can pre book depending on the level of accommodations the customer prefers.
FOOD and water- Is the responsibility of the student
Course cost is $425.00

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