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PH (Patriot Hunter), Jacksboro Tx

PH (Patriot Hunter), Jacksboro Tx

This 4 day course is for the hunter who wants to improve field skills and combine with precision rifle shooting. This course will prove the benefits of using a modern sporting rifle and tactical optic on your hunts. The combination of light weight semi automatic rifles and MOA or better accuracy make it an easy choice for many hunts in N. America. From elk to coyotes, the semi automatic is a great choice and with light weight options from POF-USA you can have to the power to drop an elk with a rifles 7lbs. or less. This course will be oriented toward multiple target engagements/fast follow up shots with heavy focus on observation techniques, techniques of camoflauge, spot and stalk on live animals in the field, shooting from improvised positions, data collection, route selection/techniques, anatomy of common N. American animals, target areas when quartered, Dressing an animal in the field and how to cape for a shoulder mount, guessing wind, shooting at moving targets with state of the art target systems, ballistic apps and calculators and all the essentials to increasing your odds of a successful hunt. While all rifles are welcome, shooters using a complete POF-USA product during the enitire course receive a $200.00 discount. This is also discounted for those who use one of our POF-USA demo rifle for the entire course.

We will shoot out to approximately 800 yards with focus on 500 yards and in.

All POF-USA demo rifles include a long range optic, bipods, sling, Law Tactical side folding adaptor, B5 Systems Precision Stock and rear support bag.

Ammunition discounts on Ammo inc USA products are available for certain calibers and bullet types.

All guests will be eligible for a discount on POF-USA products upon registration

Specific rifle calibers, barrel length and optics are available on a first come first serve basis.

This course has an option at the end of the class for a 1-2 day extension for a fair chase hog or high fence exotic animal hunt. Course cost is $2100.00 and includes food and lodging (does not include hog or exotic hunt, contact for details)

Weapon systems requirements: 

Precision rifle capable of MOA or better accuracy

20 MOA base or mount for added adjustment at distance.

Tactical type optic with exposed turrets for manual compensation adjustments out to 800 yards(no hunting scopes with duplex type reticles and capped hunting turrets). Please contact us directly with any questions regarding this.

Ammunition: Approximately 400 rounds. Should be a hunting type round that you would bet a hunt on but also be able to achieve an ethical shot on game out to 600 yards. Announced