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POF USA Precision Rifle Course, Jacksboro TX

5 day Precision Rifle course, Jacksboro Tx

The POF-USA Precision Rifle course is a 5 day long range course which brings the latest in long range techniques and education combined with the latest technology of semi automatic precision rifles. POF-USA brings a light weight, reliabile, accurate and innovative out of the box product that sets the a standard few rifles can achieve. The semi-automatic precision rifle has made it’s mark in long range shooting as well as military and law enforcement operations and we offer the latest POF-USA models and calibers for use at no charge in our courses. Their diverse selection of high quality semi automatic rifles paired with MOA or better accuracy makes it an easy choice to run a semi-automatic rifle for long range and precision applications. While all rifles are welcome, shooters using a complete POF-USA product during the entire course receive a $300.00 discount. This is also discounted for those who use one of our POF-USA demo rifle for the course.

This course is 5 days with classroom and practical application that allow shooters to test their skills on amazing ranges with challenging wind and courses of fire. This course is designed to teach the shooters the latest in ballistic applications and calculators, enviornmental impact on rounds, data collection, shooting from improvised positions, shooter/spotter team work drills, guessing wind, moving target engagement with state of the art target systems, external ballistics and many more important topics that are essential to shooting long range.

This course is held on The Richards Ranch in Jacksboro Texas (1+ hour NW of Dallas. Food and lodging is provided and the staff makes sure no one loses weight. This course is open to civilian, LE, Government and Military members. Each day starts with clean/cold bore shot, zero confirmation, skills and drills shoot followed by long range data collection. Day 3 begins the data confirmation with a lot of shooting done in the other than prone positions. Shooters will team up and get first hand expierience by giving their own wind guesses and start transforming the techniques and collection of information into first round hits.

We will be shooting to maximum effective range of your weapon system. This course is designed for non magnum caliber rounds. If you plan to bring any magnum calibers to shoot along with your non magnum caliber rifle you will not be shooting closer than 500 yards. .50 caliber/.416 type calibers with non incendiary rounds are allowed but targets will be very limited and set at minimum distance of 500 yards.

All POF-USA demo rifles include a long range optic, bipods, sling, Law Tactical side folding adaptor, B5 Systems Precision Stock and rear support bag.

Ammunition discounts on Ammo inc USA products are available for certain calibers and bullet types.

All guests receive a free Gun Fighter belt donated by TYR Tactical

All guests will be eligible for a discount on POF-USA products upon registration

Specific rifle calibers, barrel length and optics are available on a first come first serve basis.

This course has an option at the end of the class for a 1 or 2 day extension for a fair chase hog or high fence exotic animal hunt. Course cost is $2300.00 and includes food and lodging (does not include hog or exotic hunt, contact for details)

Weapon systems requirements:

Precision rifle capable of MOA or better accuracy

20 MOA base or mount for added adjustment at distance.

Tactical type 30mm main tube minimum optic with exposed turrets for manual compensation adjustments out to a minimum of 1000 yards.

Ammunition: Approximately 600+ rounds. Must be match ammunition in a grain specific to that caliber for long range shooting.